Web Application Engineer & Designer

My name is Sam Hynds and I'm a web application engineer, designer and digital creative. Take a look at some of my projects below.

Featured Projects

Oracle Prediction Engine

Date: 2019 Technology: NodeJS, MySQL, Python, TensorFlow

Predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies using crowdsourced data and Machine Learning.

Elysta CMS

Date: 2019 Technology: NodeJS, Express, MySQL, Marko

A custom CMS designed for simplicity and flexibility through a powerful module system.


Date: 2019 Technology: JS (ES5)

A flexible open source JS library for creating in-situ guided tours, help interfaces and onboarding flows for your web app.

Almos Framework

Date: 2019 Technology: NodeJS, Express, MySQL

Easily build NodeJS applications with a simple and powerful API framework with plenty of handy built-in functionality.

Sybix Web Crawler

Date: 2019 Technology: NodeJS, MySQL

A general purpose web crawler with customisable configuration and processing options for discovering content on websites.

KnowAll Developer Knowledgebase

Date: 2018 Technology: HTML5, JS, CSS, Photoshop

A concept and landing page for a web-based knowledgebase SaaS product for development teams.

Visor Server Management

Date: 2018 Technology: HTML5, JS, CSS, Photoshop

A concept and landing page for a web-based server management and monitoring system.

Time to Nom

Date: 2018 Technology: React, HTML5, JS(X), CSS, NodeJS, MySQL

A recipe website and search engine that collects recipes from across the web. Recipes are collected with Sybix.

Markov Chain Implementation

Date: 2018 Technology: NodeJS

An implementation of a Markov Chain which has been trained on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Car Lookout

Date: 2017 Technology: NodeJS, Express, MongoDB

A concept and MVP for an application that searches for, monitors and alerts users to the price of cars across multiple car websites.

Michael Langston

Date: 2017 Technology: WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Photoshop

Complete website, branding and digital identity for a carpentry and joinery business.